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i rate this...
seven asses.

its the strangest thing, i can watch a human being be torn to shreds and not bat an eye but i feel sympathy for the "performers" in your video. anyway, the art at the beginning is honestly beautiful, like moving paintings almost. the quality did dip a bit once the show started but i realize thats probably just for actions sake. as many others have stated, the music fit nicely as well. all in all it was interesting. a strange question, but was the mutant fetus based slightly off of juliana wetmore?

heaven or hell - LETS ROCK!

i have to say that xionic madness is my favorite series to use the madness style aside from madness itself. everything is pretty much perfect. the voice acting really seems to work which is odd as part of the whole madness thing is that nobody talks. i particularly liked the guilty gear reference near the end too lol.
the one minor gripe i have is the name of the armor. cervical armor? im not sure you know this, but that would mean an armored cervix, and frankly, thats just offputting. all in all though, awesome work. this is my favorite of madness day so far :]

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glitchy as FUCK. still fun for the most part aside from when im stuck humping a wall and those G0L3M guys start producing insane amounts of rape. i know its not my computer, i can run all the big name first person shooters on high graphics but even on low quality everything is freaking out in this game. anyone else having issues?

great game! but...

to the extent of my knowledge, crows do not explode on contact with dirt! aside from that slight realism error, this is my new favorite flash game.

i like that song.

i was able to make a character that looks nearly like i do. nice job on this, could do with more items though.

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ive reached nirvana.

just so you know, im a little high at the moment.
to me this song is perfection.
its so beautiful :]

breakerboy89 responds:



a great piece imo. very industrial-esque, reminds me of some einsturzende neubaten, except youve got guns instead of gears.


fucking fantastic.
it is huge!

i think me, i want life. i think me, i want a house and a wife. i wanna shimmy shimmy shimmy to the break of dawn, yeah.

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